Support for Start-Ups

cajun-last-manOur starting point is to get to know a little about you and to understand a bit about your business.

From there we review what is currently in place, (if anything), and then fill in the gaps.   We understand that in the early days you need to get up to speed as quickly as possible and keep a tight control of your costs.

We focus on the essentials of people management:

  • Recruitment – we ensure you are properly equipped with compliant job advertisements, job descriptions, person specifications, interview scripts, assessment tools and recruitment options.
  • Employee Administration – new starters require offer letters, starter checklists, right to work checks and lots more – we have a wide range of templates and checklists for a smooth onboarding process.
  • Employment Contracts – we supply legally compliant employment contracts from zero hours, (and yes despite the press they have had they still have a place in some businesses), full and part time contracts, fixed term contracts as well as contracts for services.  Take your pick to suit your needs
  • Induction Planning – we make certain that you have an induction programme in place to cover the first few weeks, to ensure that your new starter hits the ground running.

Whatever your need our flexible approach allows you to stay in control of your costs, safe in the knowledge that you will be building a strong foundation of people practices from which you can grow.

Many of our existing clients were start ups or micro businesses when we were first knew them and have gone on to greater things.  Happily we continue to support those businesses by them offering a more comprehensive package of services to meet their growing business demands.

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