Performance Management

cajun-womanIn a nutshell performance management is the process by which organisations, plan, monitor and review employees’ performance in order to meet business and personal objectives.

We support and guide employers through the performance management process with the specific intent of improving business performance through people.

This is not a paper shuffling exercise – who has time for that?! But a proactive, straightforward results driven process.

For small and medium sized businesses active performance management usually falls into three areas

  • One to ones – this relies on managers being able to use a variety of soft skills based around communication in order to manage employee performance.  In our experience soft skills are an area where some business owners struggle.  They are well equipped to deliver technical expertise but find giving and receiving feedback, dealing with conflict resolution or issues in teams more challenging which is where we can help.
  • Appraisals  – when done well appraisals are a valuable business tool.  When given lip service, they are a waste of time.  If you value your employees the least you can do is find time to regularly review their performance. In partnership with you we can design an appraisal model and suite of appraisal forms and training guidelines that meet with your objectives and deliver improved business results.
  • Competency Framework – a what I hear you cry?! Bear with us here…  A competency framework is in its simplest terms, is a tool that describes a set of behaviours and expected levels of achievement which the business can use to measure performance against.

Don’t confuse active performance management with managing poor performance.  The two may cross over but managing poor performance can lead to disciplinary and in some cases dismissal, whereas active performance management can lead to significant improvement in employee performance usually delivering improved business results.  Now what could be nicer than that?


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