Employee Development

cajun-man-greenTraining and development is fundamental to individual and business success.

Employers who invest in their people see the benefits in terms of customer service, productivity, improved length of service as well as in the overall happiness of employees.  Employees highly rate the opportunity to learn and grow in a role and that has a direct link to your bottom line.

At Cajun HR we can:

  • Complete a  training needs analysis – evaluating the training requirements of the organisation and its employees is crucial before undertaking or designing any training.  We can identify gaps and design or supply the appropriate training interventions to fill those gaps.
  • Design induction programmes – new employees need direction and clarity over their first few weeks in their new role. Employers should ensure that all new employees undertake an induction programme appropriate to their role, this should include everything from a “who’s who” to how to meet the expected standard for the role.
  • Create personal development plans – easy to use PDPs will allow you to monitor performance and evaluate progress against agreed training or performance management objectives.
  • Design and deliver bespoke management training courses – often in less well established business newly appointed managers lack the expertise to manage teams,  our bespoke training will support your managers with the skills development they require.
  • Provide a wide range of training notes and checklists  – just ask and we can tell you more!

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