Practical, straightforward, cost effective HR advice

backed up by sound commercial experience


At Cajun HR we give employers down to earth advice based on current HR legislation and best practice. It’s just sensible, effective HR support for growing businesses.


As HR Consultants we know that HR can be a minefield for employers. We demystify the complexities of employment law and give you uncomplicated answers that work.


At Cajun HR you get a great balance of HR expertise and sound commercial knowledge. We fully understand the challenges of running a business & have a wealth of experience to draw on.



We have worked with the team from Cajun now for over twelve months and have seen a consistent, quarter by quarter, improvement in the quality and professionalism of the management of our most important asset, our people. It is not only the support that is provided on the important day to day issues but the pro-active engagement to ensure the firm’s strategic goals are being addressed that has been really impressive. I have no doubt that the decision to outsource our HR function to Jenny and Kate has paid dividends and I am confident that it will continue to deliver a very positive outcome over the coming years.

testimonial author
Paul Windsor BSc FCA

Senior Partner


“As a fast growing SME business, with all the challenges and opportunities that brings, our decision to engage Cajun for the Executive HR function was one of the best we have made. Being able to call on the expertise of Kate and Jenny’s team at a moment’s notice, is a real comfort. Having them being able to understand our business, challenge our thinking and make sensible suggestions has been really valuable. As a growing business trying to do the best with (and for) our people, we don’t have all the answers at our fingertips but Cajun often help us to fill in the gaps. First class advice delivered with a smile and a human touch, coupled with some wisdom and commercial pragmatism, Cajun have really helped us to grow our business through our people. Keep up the good work!”

testimonial author
Guy Brandon



“The directors in our business have very high expectations of the level of professional support we receive because we all have backgrounds working in the City where we either provided those services or received them. Cajun is an organisation which shares our professional standards and has a similar pedigree whilst delivering at a price we found very reasonable. Cajun have a very commercial approach and have supported us on both basic HR issues and more complex ones and their advice has been robust throughout. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them and have done so on many occasions.”

testimonial author
James de Bass

CEO – Educate services


“Cajun have done a fantastic job in supporting us as a new retail and cafe business, in the development of our HR structure and documentation, even prior to our opening. This provided me with the reassurance that my core HR processes were in place. We now retain the services of Cajun who have continued to help us with a variety of issues both every day and also the considerably more complex. Their accessibility and experience provide me with the means to establish a style of team management which reflects my vision and values whilst meeting my business objectives. It is reassuring to be able to call on the experience of Jenny and Kate knowing they have an understanding of, and familiarity with, the matters I am exposed to with an ever growing and developing team.”

testimonial author
Kirsty McMorron,

Managing Director, absolute abode


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